We believe in rigorous and audacious team-based science, and are guided by the following core values:

Pursue critical and tractable questions in neurobiology and neurology with determination, focus, and creativity.

Recognize that your scientific success depends on the work of a cohesive team with shared scientific interests, mutual respect, trust, and open communication.

Promote a culture of enthusiasm, optimism, collaboration, innovation, responsibility, and high work ethic.

Ensure the highest quality and integrity in experimental design, execution, analyses, and reporting.

Balance grit and grace when tackling challenges and setbacks.

Strive to be open-minded, inclusive, positive, and attentive to the talents and needs of others.

Facilitate the development and advancement of every lab member.

Encourage each lab member to achieve their highest potential in the lab and beyond.

Value intellectual and technical contributions made by trainees, research staff, collaborators, and colleagues.

Have a sense of humor and in all conduct strive to “see the good, be the good, and share the good”.


Roosevelt Island, 2018

Roosevelt Island, 2018